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Trone Hears Economic Growth Intiative

A request was made to seek federal assistance to rural areas where broadband has been overlooked or unaffordable for counties that don't

Opportunity Zone Expansion

A total of $56.5 million will be dedicated to attracting new businesses and development and continuing to invest in Maryland’s workforce.

New Enterprise Zone In Maryland

The state has redesignated Garrett County's enterprise zone, and expanded the existing zones in Cecil and Talbot counties. The enterpris

Merging Urban With Rural

With inflated urban markets and deflated rural economies, blending the two would appear to be a good pairing to resolve the woes of both. Di

Workforce Expressway Launches

“Our administration is committed to using every resource possible to provide excellent customer service to our citizens,” said Governor Hoga

Big Gig For Downtown Businesses

The team is putting out a Request For Information to internet service providers asking them to propose economical solutions to supply 1 giga

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The bill creates a new Federal Advisory Committee at the Department of Commerce comprised of experts and technologists from a variety of fie

More Jobs For Marylanders

Existing manufacturing businesses will qualify for the 10-year income tax credit if they create five jobs in a Tier 1 county or 10 jobs in a

HUBZone Extended to 2020

The HUBZone program is a small business federal contracting assistance effort designed to encourage economic development in economically und

Small Colleges Can Save Small Towns

Other research confirms that the beneficial effect of universities isn't just correlation. A 2015 paper by economist Shimeng Liu found t

What's Your Job Offer?

Studies have shown that the millennial generation is often looking for a life with purpose. It's possible this goal may not be reached w

HUBZone Extension Helps Local Businesses

"For Western Maryland, the need to preserve these HUBZones to spur additional investments is urgent. This legislation will ensure these

Presentation Plans To Stimulate Economy

The first public presentation for Adventure Capital (AdCap) took place under the tent on the FSU campus grounds as part of the day-long sche

Funding Event Connects Western MD

The event invited a wide spectrum of experienced speakers, each offering advice for tapping into funding resources readily available for bus

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