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A Culture of Health Community



The rewards of integrating your business in the majestic mountains of Western Maryland go well beyond a beautiful view. Uncomplicated lives mean low stress, naturally cultivating quality time inside and outside the office. It's not slower, just better! Elevate your business to 3,000 feet and enjoy the many benefits that accompany the climb. Sign up for the X$pend Conference where you'll have the opportunity to see first-hand what Garrett County has to offer you and your company.

Happy Workforce

What makes Garrett County a unique choice is multilayered. Modern technology keeps you connected while the options of living a small town life or amid the remote wilderness helps you unplug. Whether you live large or small, it's all within reach for you and your employees.


Your business can appeal to young job seekers looking for an eco-lifestyle that fits with current trends. Most employees and prospective hires are looking for incentives beyond a handsome salary. They are less apt to burn out if they feel a sense of purpose and they have a fulfilling life beyond the office walls. Companies afforded first-pick by potential employees offer a passionate, work/life balance, and quality team experiences. Keeping trained employees onboard saves you recruiting time, frustration, and valuable human resources.





An important component to your business is building a quality workforce that's dependable, well trained, and pleased with where they work. Once employer needs are identified, Garrett College is happy to develop training programs to feed your company, work-ready employees. Knowing there is a strong job-placement program is an incentive for high school graduates to stay at home rather than leave to find opportunity elsewhere. You can get them "hooked" on working for you.

Classroom Bloom

All Garrett County high school graduates who meet a set of academic standards are guaranteed a no-cost, two-year education at Garrett College. Your company can work with the college to develop specific curricula that prepare students for immediate hire. 


If your business requires telephone communications, your local employment pool would be void of cultural or language barriers. Rural graduates are typically polite and respectful, live modestly, and are loyal to their community. They can be expected to work for less than those in metropolitan areas where the cost of living is much higher. You'll enjoy the savings of a rural location while still working within Eastern Standard Time operating hours. 




Assembling the perfect Low-Cost Domestic (LCD) model effectively saves you money on several fronts. Challenges that companies face in metropolitan areas include high costs per square foot, recruitment competition, high attrition rates, and office maintenance services. Lower rural expenses reduce financial obligations while elevating your influence in the community. Long, frustrating commutes and congested workspaces complaints become a thing of the past for your employees. 


Establish a steady flow of work-ready employees who value the jobs you offer while you enjoy low attrition rates.


The affordable square footage can allow a spacious, pleasant environment that is welcoming and desirable for you and your team.


Offer a picturesque place to live for upper-management and staff where their salaries stretch further than in metro areas.


Overall cost reductions free up capital to expand your business while knowing you have access to additional employees you need.


Local Government and Garrett College can assist with your needs to ensure your return on investment.


Rural programs such as the HUBZone provide added financial incentives and tax abatements to get you up and running.






Relocating your business to Garrett County will work for you as well as your employees. The savings are tremendous and virtually impossible to deny. It's a simple matter of who's willing to think outside the metro box and embrace a new labor dynamic.

Calculate & Smile

Save 20%-40% on your staffing costs in Garrett County compared to customary metro areas.


Save on training costs by collaborating with Garrett College who can prepare "new-collar" entry-level staff for you. 


Reduce overall costs of workspace, maintenance & repairs, and outside services that are inflated in more competitive markets.


Build your reputation in a smaller community as a premiere employer to attract top talent that is appreciative of a quality employment opportunity.


Utilizing rural Maryland labor provides, English speaking employees in EST zone while capitalizing on traditional American values to represent the face of your company.


Tasty Truths

Wouldn't it be sweet if you could avoid the pitfalls associated with attrition rates for metro area employees that average at just 18 months?


The Institute for Research on Labor and Employment (IRLE) found that the cost of replacing a worker can be substantial. The average, across establishments cost, is $4,000 overall, $2,000 for blue collar/manual labor, and as high as $7,000 for professional and managerial employees. 


With rural sourcing, other companies are already enjoying the benefits of improved work/life environments, lower attrition rates, salary savings, and work-ready customized employee pools.


The Mountains of Maryland are calling. We want to help you elevate your business where your company can enjoy a prosperous future and beautiful view from 3,000 feet.

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