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Funding Event Connects Western MD

Guests find new connections at the Mountain Maryland Tech Network

The Mountain Maryland Tech Network hosted four panel discussions featuring Federal and State agencies and Angel investors for business start-ups and business expansions in the technology fields.

The event invited a wide spectrum of experienced speakers, each offering advice for tapping into funding resources readily available for businesses needing start-up revenue or to take their company to the next level. They also offered tips on submitting a successful application for funding and shared common mistakes that can derail the process.

Allegany Community College hosted the half-day event and welcomed a sizable guest list who were also able to network with panelists and other attendees. Engage Mountain Maryland (EMM) representatives Eric Robison and Mark Stutzman listened in to learn more about what funding opportunities are available that could be leveraged to establish a successful business in Western Maryland. Adventure Capital, an economic initiative of EMM, is building a list of resources that will be accessible and target rural economic growth.

"It was a really quick way to connect with so many people," said Eric Robison, EMM Board Member. "Some agencies are not always an obvious fit for technology businesses, yet they may be able to provide assistance. If there are funding options out there, Federal, State or private, we want businesses looking at our area to take advantage of every resource they can. Finding those advantages could increase our location ranking."

Federal and State agency representatives emphasized that they are noncompeting entities that can provide assistance to businesses either through funding opportunities or by offering expertise and guidance. Agencies have extensive archived research and affordable testing capabilities to fast-track getting a product to market while establishing friendly agreements pertaining to intellectual properties.

"Our goal in attending the event was to share Adventure Capital and show that Western Maryland is a great and affordable place to do business," shared Mark Stutzman, EMM President. "You never know who you may encounter at networking events and who could end up being a partner for success."

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