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An important part of becoming part of a new community is having a support system to make the transition smooth and welcoming. We've assembled that base of support for you. There are many organizations and institutions that get excited about adding new members to their community. Learn a little bit about who will have your back and be ready to assist you in your success. 


Garrett County Community Action Committee, Inc. improves the quality of life for people in need by empowering them to become more self-sufficient and by providing essential services through partner collaboration and cooperation. A two-generation approach for combatting multi-generational poverty proves transformative in achieving positive family and community outcomes.


Entering its 6th year, the agency interacts with nearly 1 in 4 county households equating to just over 1 in 3 county residents. Community Action helps to stabilize those in need, assists them in building a more economically secure future, and works with community partners to foster opportunities. Partnerships help build community capacity and opportunity for residents. The agency has built productive working relationships with local institutions such as Garrett College, the Health Department and related medical institutions, the Board of Education, and the Department of Social Services.


The agency of 185 employees continually fulfills community needs through the creation of affordable housing, providing public transportation services, and supporting all eight municipalities of Garrett County under the guises that, "Families do well in communities that do well."


Garrett College is a comprehensive community college conveniently located near Deep Creek Lake. The administration is eager to introduce specialized contract programs customized to employer needs. Workforce training leading to industry-recognized certifications is standard practice.


One-year certificates and two-year degree programs in a variety of career and transfer fields is strongly supported by a county government that guarantees two years of full-time tuition assistance to every graduate of Garrett County Public Schools. Garrett College regularly prepares residents for a wide range of careers and can tailor training for your current and future employees to meet your company’s needs.


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


The Greater Oakland Business Association provides many services for business owners in and about historic downtown Oakland, the Garrett County seat. They offer support for new and existing business owners and recently provide access to revolving low-interest loans for business emergencies or upgrades. They work in partnership with the Town of Oakland's Mayor and Town Council and the Main Street program. 


A new program established five volunteer committees to implement plans presented by the American Institute of Architects that provide an analysis of downtown retail and commercial spaces. Some of the immediate initiatives include clearing underbrush for more public space near the Little Yough river, a popular gathering spot. A large public structure funded through a Heritage Area Grant will soon join the town parking area to downtown shopping to enhance the way-finding experience for area residents and visitors. 

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